ISO 9001:2015

ISO 9001:2015 We have implemented an excellent quality and business system, which is confirmed by the certificate ISO 9001:2015. The umbrella document of the quality standard is proof of awareness importance and commitment to quality, that the products comply with the highest quality standards, what customers expect at all times, today and also in the future. Organization according to ISO 9001:2015 company means a constant challenge, but at the same time an opportunity and competitiveness against companies that are not certified to this standard.. Education and engagement employed are two of the eight quality principles, while the other quality principles are customer focus, management commitment, process approach, systemic approach to leadership, fact-based decision making and mutually beneficial relationships with suppliers.

EN ISO 3834 part 3

With all the experience we have, we are also proud of the ISO 3834-3 international welding certificate. The welding standard provides instructions for assessing the manufacturer's technical and personnel ability to perform demanding welding work. The defined requirements for welding according to standard 3834-3 can be ensured exclusively with the most professionally trained welding personnel, including a welding coordinator with an international IWE diploma, as well as with modern welding equipment and approved various welding procedures.

EN ISO 1090 - EXC 2

This standard specifies requirements for determining the conformity of performance characteristics for components of steel and aluminum structures and for kits placed on the market as structural products. Conformity assessment covers manufacturing characteristics and, where applicable, structural design characteristics. This European standard also covers determining the conformity of steel components used in composite steel and concrete structures. Components can be used directly or in structural parts or as components of structures in the form of kits. This European Standard applies to series and non-series structural components, including kits. Components can be made from hot-rolled or cold-formed components or components produced using other technologies. They can be produced from parts/profiles of various shapes, flat products (plates, sheets, strips), rods, castings, metal products made of steel or aluminum materials that are not or are protected against rust by coating or other surface treatment, e.g. aluminum protected by anodic oxidation. This European Standard covers structural cold-formed members and sheet metal as defined in 1993-1-3 and EN 1999-1-4. This European Standard does not cover the conformity assessment of components for suspended ceilings, rails or railway sleepers in railway systems. We weld various supports, canopies, small roofs, consoles, etc. to order.